Make your own Craft Kits for Kids

There’s nothing that gets a parent through a rainy day or a quarantine like a good craft! Ordering craft kits and pre-made crafts can be pricey! So why not make your own kits at home and be prepared for any rainy day or when your child is in the mood for their next activity! ThisContinue reading “Make your own Craft Kits for Kids”

Simple Ways to Sneak Veggies in Kids Meals

We have all been through it right? We are preparing the next meal and thinking how am I going to get this kid to eat their vegetables!? We have 5 kids that all range in age and with all the kids there have been phases and stages of their lives where they didn’t want toContinue reading “Simple Ways to Sneak Veggies in Kids Meals”

Making Kids Birthdays Special

Birthdays are a day that all little ones look forward to all year! Our kids even have a count down to their big day! So I’m always trying to come up with some fun surprises and traditions to make them feel extra special! We have an amazing blended family and our kids range from 2-20,Continue reading “Making Kids Birthdays Special”