Make your own Craft Kits for Kids

There’s nothing that gets a parent through a rainy day or a quarantine like a good craft! Ordering craft kits and pre-made crafts can be pricey! So why not make your own kits at home and be prepared for any rainy day or when your child is in the mood for their next activity!

This brilliant idea came to me from my good crafty mom friend Cara, she’s a teacher, mom, entrepreneur, and creator of Cara’s Crafts Kits on Facebook (go follow her page for some great crafts and more), where she makes her own pre-made craft bags and sells them to happy moms around our Chicago neighborhood! These craft packs have been such a life saver for my family and so many moms! So thought why not share this idea with our mom community, because Cara unfortunately can’t deliver these to all the moms in the world! Although we do wish she was able to!! The pictures shows some of her fun crafts ideas and we will look at how to make them a couple of them!

We will be discussing these amazing simple crafts today! And how to prepare them for your kids! They can be stored for them to pick out themselves when needed and they will have all they need in the bag and ready to go! No need to pull everything out and prepare for hours for a session of crafts. You’ll just need to invest an hour or so preparing them and get a good few days or month of activities depending on how many you make!

For any parent convince is key and being able to pull out a set that’s already prepared. Or have them in a basket for your child to help themselves on your work days or rainy day. Especially when you have multiple kids that want to do different activities, it’s nice that they can pick the activity they enjoy! So let’s get started! We will cover two of the fun crafts today!

Supplies needed:

  • Glue
  • scissors
  • construction paper
  • paper plates
  • craft sticks
  • round stickers
  • plastic freezer bags to store each activity individually

Let’s begin with the Elmo and Cookie Monster Craft – look up a template or design you want on Pinterest or google search the one your kid would like, we decided to go with Elmo and a Cookie Monster on craft sticks to have a puppet show or kid can play after. All that’s needed are scissors, construction paper to cut out circles and craft sticks, then place all the pieces in a ziplock with a instruction sheet for your kid to follow which can simply be printed at home. The only thing they will need to complete is glue and they are ready to go!


  1. Glue two black circles in the white eyes and glue on the Elmo head.
  2. Glue the black mouth and orange nose to the red Elmo head.
  3. Glue craft stick to the back.
  4. For Cookie Monster, glue the black eyes to white eyes, glue to blue head.
  5. Glue black mouth and cookie to the blue face and add the craft stick to the back! Done!!

Next we will make this awesome Paper Plate bubble gum machine craft! Our kids had so much fun making this! My kids are 2.5 and 5 and they both couldn’t wait to try it and were able to follow the simple directions!

  1. Start by cutting the pieces needed for the base, a simple square for the gum dispenser and a circle for the controller. Also cut an oval and another circle for the top of the gum ball machine.
  2. You can use circle sticker or dot paint to make the gum balls!
  3. Attach all the pieces to the paper plate with glue and then make your dots with the dot or round stickers!

And there you go, one happy kid with her completed project!!

All these projects and so many more can be found online on Pinterest, mom blogs, google searches! Just look up a few or have your kids pick a few favorites and prepare them ahead of time! Find a basket or drawer and allow your kids to have access to them when needed.

We use them on rainy days, as a reward, and now in quarantine kids are always asking for something new to do, so instead of ordering new toys, they get to choose from some surprise bags of crafts and they are loving it!!

Hope this article helped you with some fun craft ideas and how to make your own fun craft kits that are sure to please any kid!!

Happy Crafting!!

Here’s a commissioned link below for starting your projects.

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