Making Kids Birthdays Special

Birthdays are a day that all little ones look forward to all year! Our kids even have a count down to their big day! So I’m always trying to come up with some fun surprises and traditions to make them feel extra special! We have an amazing blended family and our kids range from 2-20, so we have lots of celebrations! So I hope you get some great Mom celebration tips to make your awesome kid feel all the Love on their day!!

  1. Decorate the House

Nothing makes kids feel more special than waking up to a house full of balloons and decorations! Hanging a special banner, steamers, and of course lots and lots of balloons! Kids love balloons and this signifies the start of a celebration.

In our family, we have a fun balloon technique we use is simple and lasts all day! With this time of quarantine and not being able to go out for helium balloons, this is a great trick!
Blow up a bunch of balloons, run the balloons on your hair or shirt to create static and use a step stool to gently place each balloon on the ceiling!! The kids will be giddy all day!! The balloons will stay up all day.

2. Make a Reasons Board

Let your kids of any age know how much you love them and how much they mean to you with a birthday reasons list! Take the number of years they are turning and write that many reasons they are loved! This can be done on paper roll and stuck to their bedroom door or on the floor at the bottom of the stair case…or get creative! I used a picture frame and placed construction paper to each frame to let her know why she’s loved!

3. Surprise Birthday Messages

One of our favorite birthday traditions is having surprise birthday messages around the house! I use Window Markers which come in a variety of colors and types! Our favorite is OOLY Rainy Dayz Gel crayons, they are super concentrated for writing on bathroom mirror, glass doors, bedroom mirror. Leave special messages for them to find. They will come squealing every time they find one! Also can be a fun scavenger hunt of love messages!

4. Wake up to Balloon Arch or Balloon tarp

With some string, balloons and maybe add a birthday sign, your kid will feel like they the superhero of the day! So simple, just string a few balloons and use some tape to hold in place or command hanging tabs work well and won’t risk any damage to paint!

The balloon tarp is also a fun way to start the morning, just use a sheet or Plastic table cloth to cover the door by using tape to hold up, stuff with balloons and kid will have a balloon waterfall when they open the door! So fun for all! Be sure to record their reaction! The grandparents will love to see it!

5. Birthday Breakfast

A birthday breakfast signifies their special day has officially begun! Let’s get a candle in those pancakes or whatever special breakfast they love and add a special birthday treat to their lunch box (maybe even gift wrap it for an extra special treat) if they are off to school! We like to think of a fun activity they enjoy and incorporate it in their birthday breakfast! Do they love slime, make a fun batch with some confetti inside! Dinosaurs? Add a few in their breakfast table, what’re it is, a fun theme or activity is always a hit!

Hope this helped you get some fun ideas and tips to create the perfect celebration for your kids of any age! We still do all this for even our 20 year old! Everyone loves to know they are appreciated, cared for and loved! So I hope these brought some fresh ideas to add to your list!

Bonus Surprise ideas:

Dress up and make it extra special – want to be a super hero or princess for the day – let the family get it on it too!
Birthday Scavenger Hunt – hide kids toys and have them find their birthday surprises! Everyone will have a ball!
Yard signs – be creative and make your own or purchase, but either way it will be a awesome surprise for your little loves! And a fun send off to school and great for photo ops with friends and family!!

Whatever you decide, know that your littles will love it and hopefully carry on some of the traditions to their kids one day!!

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