Making Father’s Day Special! Traditions and Gift ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking of some fun ways to make the day extra special for Dad!! We have one day to dedicate to our wonderful dads to honor all they do for our families, so let’s make it memorable! We will cover some fun ideas you can do with the kids, gifts that will make any dad beam and some fun traditions that will make great lasting memories! So let’s begin!

  1. Getting dad a Book from the kids is a wonderful tradition to start. Each year the kids look online or we go to Target or a bookstore to look over the books for Dads! We select one special book to present to dad on Father’s Day! This has become a great tradition and can be carried on with the older kids too! The great thing is that dad can read the books at bedtime and brings back fun memories for kids knowing they gifted it to dad! Here are a few books that we have selected over the years!
    Commissioned links below – click on them to take you directly to products!

A few book options for older kids is to pick something dad would enjoy reading or selecting a book they can fill out to show dad how much he is loved! Here is an example of a book we are doing with our teens this year!

2. Another way to make dad feel extra special is having the kids make dad a craft! It could be a handmade card, picture or frame! There are so many fun options for any level! Lots of great ideas can be found on a quick google search or Pinterest!! Here are a few options below that may be fun to try with your littles and most items can be found in your home to create!
These are a few we found on Pinterest. Picture credit (I heart crafty things, activity village)

We created this one with the kids! It’s super simple with cutting out a shape of a fish, using finger paint to make scales this fingerprints, goggle eye or marker can be used for the eye and write a quote in thought bubble. Paste on paper or construction paper folded to make a card! A great present from your toddler!!

3. Another fun family tradition for Father’s Day is getting a game or present that the whole family can participate in! You can have so much fun bonding together with dad and/or grandpa! Over the years we tried to think of things dad enjoyed and tried to find ways to make it a group activity! Here are 3 examples!

  • Fishing, for the dads who love to fish, why not get fishing poles for dad and the whole family! And make a fun day of heading to the lake! Bring a picnic with dads favorite goodies and dad will remember for years to come!
  • Golf, if your dad is into golf, we found an amazing golf chipping set (cornhole style). This was so fun indoors and out! We pull it out when quests come for bbq , great time for all! And the kids love getting in on the action!
  • Or good old fashioned Cornhole is also a fun option!! There are some great personalized ones that can make it even more focused on Dad!!

Of course there are also the traditional things you can do to make dad feel loved! Let dad sleep in or have time for a nap! Have breakfast in bed or make him all his favorites or dinner! Or give dad some much needed me time to relax. Plan an relaxing massage or give him the day to go golf or enjoy his favorite activity! Whatever it is, let it be focused on making him feel extra special that day!!

4. A couple other Gift options that dad will love!!

If your dad is the BBQ kind or striving to be!! This bbq gift set come with all dad will need and a carrying case! There are also personalized bbq sets online!

Another great gift to keep our men looking good is a grooming set! Especially in times of quarantine, men have let their breads grow, let them look styled with this option!

Hope you found this article helpful in making some new memories with dad on his big day and making it extra special for dad and all the family!! We love spoiling dad and hope you enjoyed some of the gift options too! Let us know what you thought of this article! Like and share! Also, if you have some great dad day traditions or ideas, leave them in comments! Happy Father’s Day planning!

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