Hospital Bag Essentials – Second Round!

Have you been racking your brain and searching all of Pinterest, blogs and asking every friend what you need to take in your hospital bag? Well, then this must be your first pregnancy! That was me, I was so worried that I’d miss something that I searched every site online to prepare for our big day! I spent hours packing my bag and when I say bag, it was really a suitcase! Well, let me tell you that only a third of the items I took were actually used! So, when it came time for our second baby, I was an expert on the topic! So let’s begin with what’s actually Essential for the big day!

So to begin, we will need to break down what’s needed into two categories, mom essentials and baby essentials. What most first time moms don’t know is that the hospital will provide you with most of the things you need for breastfeeding, baby feeding needs, peri care, and will even provide you with a bag full of all things you need to survive first week at home! So save some space in that luggage for those items.

Let’s begin with Mom Essentials!

Since the birthing process is no day at the spa, it’s important to bring a few luxuries to keep you comfortable. I would recommend are a comfortable / soft pair of nursing pajamas/gown and a robe. The first day of labor and delivery you’ll be in the hospital gown, but once baby comes, you’ll be in nursing and mobility mode (they will ask you to walk to increase circulation). So you will want something comfortable to walk the halls, nurse baby and rest in. The robe is also so important for when visitors arrive, some privacy with nursing and skin to skin. The robe and gown are the items that I really used most. All items will be linked for you.

I actually preferred wearing a loose nursing sleep gown – which was so comfortable and didn’t put any pressure on my abdomen, since I ended up have two c-sections. It was amazing, so for my second delivery I packed two!!

Nursing Bras and an outfit for pictures are important. You will be asked if you want family photos of your sweet angels first few days of life! And although he/she is the main star – you and dad will be part of the session too. So don’t forget to bring an outfit and nursing bra that you will allow for comfort and convenance when baby wants to feed! This outfit can also be used to wear when you go home. Double duty!

I recommend these Nursing bras that are also a great deal! I literally wore these for months, even after breastfeeding was over, due to comfort.

I also recommend bringing a quality Nipple cream, especially if you plan on nursing. This usually is not provided through the hospital.

Checklist Items:

  1. Cell phone and Charger
  2. Pillow and throw (you can’t do anything about how uncomfortable the hospital bed is, but you can do something about your pillow and blanket)
  3. toothbrush and toothpaste
  4. makeup (maybe not everyone needs this, but when I look good, I feel good, so I definitely brought my makeup)
  5. Flip Flops (so important for showers and walks) my feet were still pretty swollen – so the flip flops were perfect!
  6. Chapstick – with pain meds, you may experience dry mouth and lips, so it was needed.
  7. Shampoo/conditioner / body wash
  8. Hair tools, brush and hair ties
  9. Deodorant
  10. face wash and cream
  11. Snacks

So now that mom has all she needs! Let’s talk baby! As you may think you need to add a ton of stuff for baby, remember that the hospital provides with many of the things you need. We will discuss this at the end of article.

With the big debut to the world, there will be lots of picture taking. The hospital will also offer a professional photo session for the babies first moments, so this brings us to our first items.

A pretty Swaddle blanket and an outfit for pictures. This is all preference, just pick something that will be comfortable for baby and umbilical cord when picking your outfit.

I like these swaddle blankets for how soft they are and so pretty too.

Hair Bows and hat – Bows are again for the pictures, but the hat to keep baby warm and toasty. Most hospitals will provide hats, but you can include for taking baby home.

Outfit for taking baby home is next on the list. It is important to remember the time of year for keeping baby cozy/warm. Be aware of getting items suitable for their sensitive cord.

Last item, the car seat! This is one of the most important items to bring for baby. We love a car seat that can grow with baby, so you don’t have to buy a new one every few years. This Maxi Cosi 3 in 1 will grow from infant to 10 years old!

This basically covers all your Mom and Baby needs! The hospital will most likely send you home with your afterbirth Peri care needs, which can include mesh underwear (first time moms, it will be a messy few weeks following giving birth in the nether region), large pads, nursing pads, and squirt bottle for hygiene cleaning. Baby also gets lots of goodies from diapers, pacifiers, formula, swaddle blankets, hats and items to help with nursing!

Now the only thing left to do is enjoy your new bundle of joy! Hope this article helped prepare you for your upcoming delivery and essential items needed to make it the best experience possible.

Many blessings to your family.

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