Toddler’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again! The Holiday season and gift purchasing is in full swing at our Facebook Group “Daily Deals for Moms”! I often get asked what are the Best gifts for toddlers and see this question often in other mom groups, so I thought I’d put together the ultimate gift guide especially tailored for toddlers!

We have an amazing blended family with 5 kids, so we are experts in the Toy department! Actually, I think I Love toys probably as much as my kids do and love seeing them engaged and having fun!! So I hope you will love the list I will share with you today.

With 5 kids you can imagine the amount of toys that can pile up over the years, so this guide will focus on toys that are not only fun, but can foster their imagination, encourage creativity and unlimited open ended fun! Gifts that kids will love and play with for years to come. I was also an Occupational Therapist, so I’m always looking for Toys that help with motor skills and learning! Of course, we know kids also look for the latest and greatest trendy toys, so I’ll include a few favorites from 2020 that are huge hits in our incredible moms group!! Please join us for all the deals and savings!

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Let’s Begin!! Top 20 Toddler Toys for 2020

  1. Picasso Tiles

2. Wobble Board – an open ended toy that has endless possibilities for kids!!

3. Play Kitchen (perfect from 1 year old to big kid) this is a toy that gets played with daily in our home… kids love to imitate their grown up and pretend play is always a favorite with kids!!

4. Doll house

5. Trampoline

6. Plasma / Wiggle Cars

7. Scooter

8. Stepping stones

9. Slide

10. Basketball

11. Stroller

12. Duplo and Building blocks

13. Pretend Food

14. Train Set

15. Kinetic Sand

16. Doctors Kits

17. Play Tunnel and Tents

18. Baby Dolls

19. Ride on

20. Roller coaster ride on

21. Climbing Toy

22. Tea Sets / Kitchen pretend play

23. Pretend play: Broom set


Hot Toys in 2020 – these are toys that kids are loving this year!!

  1. Pooping Flamingo

2. Squeaky Dog

3. Growing Baby Alive

4. Hot Wheels

5. Ride on

Hope you love our Top Toys for Toddlers list!! Happy Holidays to you and your families! Please feel free to join our Facebook Group “Daily Deals for Moms” for deals on toys and all things for moms and kids!

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