Easy Homemade Slime

Have you been spending hundreds of dollars on slime kits? Are your kids constantly asking you for slime daily like mine? Then you’ve come to the right article! Today we will learn how to make slime and save lots of money as we make it ourselves at home! I will link any items used to make Slime at the bottom of page. We will cover a simple recipe that can be modified and can create many colors and variations, all with the same ingredients!!

It’s SLIME TIME at our house everyday! Slime is one of the simplest things to make and will keep your kids happy all day. Kids love nothing better than creating something! So this project always brings fun and joy! The great thing about making your own slime is also the quality of the slime, it’s not as sticky and doesn’t get stuck to clothing like some store bought options.

The ingredients are easy to get and often are items you may already have in your home. In case you need a product, I’ve provided affiliated links below to grab anything you need. So let’s begin!

Glue Elmer’s Liquid School Glue
Contact solution
Baking soda
Food coloring 

Grab a large bowl and pour 8oz of Elmers glue, add 2-4 drops of your favorite food coloring to create desired color and then Mix. Add 1 tsp of baking soda and stir into the glue mixture. Add contact solution about 2-3 teaspoons to the mix, stir until slime consistency. Continue to add contact solution to desired firmness. The slime will be sticky to touch, so add a few drops of contact solution to hand and then remove from bowl to form ball. You are Done and ready for your kids to enjoy!!

One of the best parts of making slime is getting the kids involved in the process! Kids love to be part of the creative process and in turn enjoy the product even more! It also can be used to teach science and how chemicals react to make the slime! We recently had a Science lab birthday party where slime was the big theme! Kids learned so much from having fun with mixing to make their creation!

To get even more fun out of your slime, you can get creative, let’s chat slime add ons and activities! There are just so many ways to take slime to the next level!

Slime Activities:

  • Add beads, glitter, mini balls to make different consistency and varieties for some sensory fun.
  • Make Slime Balloons – all that’s needed is a straw. Make a slime ball in hand, stick straw into slime ball and blow. You’ll get a big slime balloon and kids love to pop and do over and again.
  • Add shaving cream to the mix for different consistency – lots of fun recipes on Pinterest and online for foam slime.

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Hope you enjoyed the tutorial for homemade slime and have lots of fun creating and experimenting with your kids!! We loved sharing this with you, so please comment and let us know how you enjoyed this article and show us what you created!!

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