Creating a Zen Space

Have you ever thought, will I ever have a moment to myself again? As your toddler is asking to sit on your lap while you’re on the toilet. With 5 children under one household, the noise level and activities are often nonstop. Weather you have one child or ten, moms are on the go and always planning the next step of the day, the next meal, balancing kids and work. Our lives and all the responsibility can send our mind in a tizzy! Which in turn takes a toll on our health and well being. So mom, we need to find a little time and space to be able to just sit back and take a breath. A space you can call your own, even if it’s just for 10 minutes out of the day.

There are so many benefits to making some time for yourself, some time to meditate or just breathe (aka Hide). So let’s talk serenity, quiet, and meditation. There are benefits to taking this time for yourself, not only for you, but also who you are to your children and family. Meditation even in small doses can help reduce stress and increase memory/ clarity. It also can help with mindfulness and self reflection. There is even evidence that sleep and weight loss improved when we take time to de-stress and calm our bodies down. So we will discuss some simple ways to create a personal zen / quiet space even in the smallest of areas.

Step 1: Choosing your space

This can look very different for each person and it depends on type of space you have and what speaks to you in keeping calm. For some they may feel calmer near a window, so they can pick an area in that proximity. For others a cozy space that’s dark may help them relax. Whatever the case may be, find an area that brings you some peace. There are also size constrictions if living in a small space or people are around, so it’s important to find a place where there can be quiet time for reflection. Size doesn’t matter, what does is maintaining your sanity. So, this can look like a desk area for some, a cozy corner in a bedroom or even a closet space.

Like I said, we have 5 kids so there isn’t much space that is unused, so my husband and I decided to use a closet as a zen / quiet space. Once the space is chosen, you can move on to Step 2.

Step 2: DeClutter
Declutter your area and make it somewhere that brings you calm when you enter. Make sure to clear up the space to bring in items that will allow for calm.

Step 3: Select your color palatte
Color is such an important part of your small sanctuary/quiet space, because different colors evoke different emotions in us. While some may see orange or red as calming, others may see it as harsh or overwhelming to their senses. So select a color palette that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Personally I’ve always been drawn to natural colors, greens, whites, grays and some blues, so we chose that as our color scheme.

Step 4: Decorate

Now it’s time to decorate to soothe and calm. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive, just a few pieces that will bring you peace and the ability to get cozy and unwind.

Start the space with a soft carpet, mat or floor pillow and then layer on from there. Nature always calms me down, so I brought in some greenery, even if they are artificial. Soft cozy pillows, candles, and soft lightening set the mood for comfort.

Zen room essential items:

  • Soft overhead lights or lamp to set the mood
  • pictures of family or a verse/saying that you admire
  • Essential oils and diffuser
  • journal or a favorite book, we have the Bible for time of prayer and reflection
  • music or noise machine

Step 5: Set the mood

Setting the right mood can help you relax, consider bringing in some relaxing music. Two popular meditation apps are Clam and Headspace. You can also find them on Spotify or youtube. Now just sit down, dim the lights and breathe.

So that’s all been the easy stuff, let’s get to the real problem! As a mom, we can get caught up in the days, running around and completely forget about ourselves. So be intentional about your health and well being. Schedule a break when the kids are sleeping or at school or ask your spouse to watch them and then do it in turn for him. This can obviously be a shared space. We were able to keep this space kid free and hidden for about 6 months until they discovered it and made it their zen area too! But as long as it’s not on your scheduled time, right? I know many of us find it hard to get extra time in our day for me time, but even 10-15 mins can do wonders. So mama, find that small space to make your getaway and bring peace of mind to you and your family and just take a moment to breathe.

Many Blessings

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