Best Family Games 2020

Family Games nights are a way to connect, make memories, have loads of laughs and family bonding! This year with current circumstances of staying in, game nights have taken on even more meaning! It’s a great way to break up boredom and bring some excitement, fun and connection! Sometimes even break up some tension! Whatever the case, there’s the perfect game for every age and family! Here are some favorites in our family and top reviewed!

  1. Games nights with Toddlers is always interesting! So finding games that entertain, keep their attention and have fun is most important! Top 3 picks

Floor is Lava – top pick! Kids love pretending they are avoiding lava, so this game is a big hit! Colorful rock mats, jumping, and cards that get them to do funny things to fall in lava! Lots of giggles and keeps them physically active too!

Banana Blast – roll the dice, grab number of bananas and be careful as a banana can send the monkey flying! First to catch monkey wins!

2. Top games for older kids and teens! Lots of fun options!

Kids Against Maturity – loads of laughs with the funniest card picked earning the reward!

Throw Throw Burrito is a great game to relieve stress and tensions, get active and have loads of fun hitting family members with soft burrito! Watch out for those lamps!

Taboo another classic – teammates try to guess the word without using the taboo words! Timed and now with a buzzer! The pressure is on!

3. Older kids and adults are also covered in the gaming arena!

Lets talk Zoom and other game night Apps! They have become a new way of not only playing with your immediate family but also getting your extended family in on the fun! A wonderful way to connect with friends and family when you can’t be there in person! A top favorite this year is Quip Lash! Hilarious, fun, creative! Answer questions and get voted by other players for the most witty and funny answers!

What Do You MEME? In the year of Covid, memes made us laugh and relive stress and basically got everyone through the crisis! So why not bring this game to your MEME loving family! Pick the best card to describe Meme and best answer is picked! So fun!

Let’s hope these games bring you and your family many nights of joy and fun!!

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