Water Table Activities for Kids

The water table is one of our kids favorite summer activities! Fill it up with water and a few toys and kids go nuts! But unlike other toys where kids can lose interest quickly due to repetition, the water table is a source for a variety of activities to keep them engaged all summer long! Our kids love ours so much, that sometimes it’s even brought indoors!!

  1. First, let’s pick the right table for your family! There are so many on the market that it may be difficult to make the right choice! If you have multiple kids these are some bigger options with lots of bells and whistles to satisfy every need.
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We have two toddlers and wanted to keep it simple so we can be creative with using our imagination and we love these two table options!

2. Now that you’ve chosen your perfect table! Let’s get creative!! Water table isn’t just for water anymore! Foamy bubbles are one of their favorites! Super simple! Bubble bath or dish soap, water and a hose! You can add a bit food color to make it extra exciting!

3. Water beads are a great option for indoor or outdoor activities! Make a theme under the sea, pirates and treasures, mermaids, whatever! The kids will have a ball with this sensory activity!

This Water beads kit is perfect for a ocean theme and comes complete with sharks!

4. Sand or Kinetic sand in water table to make a beach theme, construction site, digging for dinosaurs, so much fun can be had with sand and a water table! Let the kids get creative and have hours of fun!!

5. For another fun sensory activity – you can add rice or rainbow rice with a few drops of food coloring! Kids can hide toys, rake, fill cups and use their unlimited imagination!

Hope this article has given you some fun ways to keep your littles stimulated all summer with their amazing must have water table!! We just love the versatility!

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