Let’s Make Bath Time Fun!!

Let’s get to it! Let’s make bath time fun for all! Bath time can be a time of joy for kids and a source of entertaining kids inside or can be stressful for those parents with toddlers that want nothing to do with bath time! So let’s talk fun bath time activities to get even the crankiest kid running for the tub!!

There are just so many fun ideas and activities and once you load up your arsenal with great ideas, you can make bath time a different fun experience every time!

  1. Foam painting – this activity was introduced to me by a creative mom friend Cara Cristofanelli of Cara’s Craft Kits Facebook group! It’s such a simple activity to put together and the kids ask for it weekly!

Simple ingredients needed: food coloring, foam shaving cream, done! Just put 1 drop of color in the shaving cream, stir and give them foam brushes to paint away! Or they can simply use their hands too! Messy fun! Super easy clean up!

2. If you’ve never introduced kids to the life of the bath bomb balls in the tub, it’s time to do it! Kids love the feel, smells and some change the water color or have a hidden toy inside! I mean what kid doesn’t love a surprise! You can even make them yourselves! Here are some fun options!

Character themed bombs

Make your own bath bombs and enjoy the results at bath time! They will love their accomplishment! Kids always love to be learn new tasks and be creative. This also is a great learning experience in how chemicals react, it’s like bath time science!

3. Bath paints and crayons bring out the little artist and creativity in your little one! Let them go wild and wash it all down with a bit of water! Kids love coloring/painting, so why not make it a party in the tub! No mess and no fuss!

To continue the colorful theme try Bath color drops, these color drops change the color of water to whatever color your littles desire! If they love a character like princess Elsa, then why not make her water blue!! Your son loves Dinosaurs, let’s try green! Kids love picking their colors! It’s also fun to combine colors to see what color they get! Mix primary colors to get secondary colors, a lesson while bathing!

4. Of course we can’t forget all the fun toys for bath time fun!! We have a few favorites! Can even be educational! Let’s start with bath foam letters and numbers! Teach them their alphabets, learn to spell their name, or fish for letters, so many fun options!!

Going fishing can be fun! Let’s see our catch today! This can also be taken to the water table for some outdoor fun too! It’s also great for gross motor function!

Stack cups can be so much fun and they use their imagination to create water falls, fill and spill, stack, and on and on! It’s such a simple toy, but often a favorite tub toy! Great for babies, toddlers, and a shared bath with siblings! There’s no limits on the fun with this toy.

To hold all these toys and keep everything organized we recommend having a toy organizer! Here are a couple of options!

This munchkin set comes with the toy organizer, a winding play toy and a water pitcher for washing hair and playing! This is the perfect combo and covers everything. We love ours because it also comes with strong suction to stick to wall. No dropping toys in tub between baths.

Our a simple mesh bag option is also great! Easy to handle for the kids and easy to see through to pick their favorite toys!

This basket is also a good option to hold all the fun and keeping toys at their little finger tips! Everything is accessible to kids and they can participate in the clean up too.

Hope that gave you some fun ideas to keep all your kids satisfied during bath time!! So try to sit back momma and enjoy the few minutes of quiet. Happy Bath time all!

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