Top Bubble Toys for Summer

Summer is just around the corner and nothing makes a kid feel more excited about heading outdoors than bubbles! The simplicity is sweet and brings laughs and joy to young and old alike! But no one bubble machine is the same! There are so many varieties and options!! These are some of my families favorites and top rated reviewed options! And unique ways to make bubbles that you may not know existed! Be aware that your kids may never want to go back inside!

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  1. Combining play toys and bubbles is a fantastic combo!! Pretend play bubble lawn mower is a favorite with my kids! They love pretending to mow the lawn like the adults do and makes for some great fun.

2. We love bubbles, but what can make them even better… well Giant bubbles of course!! Take bubbles to the level with this bubble wand! These giant bubble wands come with magic bubble solution too! It’s so entertaining for kids and great for parties and get togethers.

3. Bubble machines keep the bubbles going and spills out of kids hands! They bring in all the fun of continuous bubbles and are great for celebrations or an afternoon of fun! Buy a few bubble solution refills, because the kids will ask for this all summer long!

4. Bubbles guns come in so many forms, styles and options! With characters, themes and every variety and size you can think of! Here are a few we think stand out! There’s something for every kid!

5. Classic bubbles are still one of kids favorite options! From small to large wands… the act of blowing them and being successful in creating a bubble is a joyous experience for all!

Happy summer! Hope it’s filled with lots of Bubbles all around!! Bring your inner kid out and join in the fun with the kids!! Make lots fun memories with the whole family!

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