Welcome to Homeschool

Who would have thought that there would be a day that we would all be home juggling family, work and adding becoming a homeschool teacher to our load!? But with era of Covid-19 we have been forced into this role as parents! Some may have thought about homeschooling their children in the past and this gives them an opportunity to see how it works, but for many of us, there can be an added stress to taking on another role that we may not be prepared for. With many moms having multiple children in school at different ages and levels or juggling work while trying to fit it all in. So let’s try to navigate this new territory together and help you save your sanity and get to the other side… summer break that is!!

  1. Making a schedule is very important to keeping kids in a routine and blocking out time for the kids and your own work/needs.This dry eraser calendar comes with different color markers to keep everyone on track.

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2. Keeping all the classroom assignments organized and easily accessible is a must! You can even have a caddy for each child, reduces stress and fighting. Or use it to organize different types of school supplies. Also, reduces messes and finding all their supplies all around the house!

3. A place for quiet and concentration is a must for those zoom classes and getting their work done. You don’t have to invest big bucks for a fancy desk. Here’s a great option for the kids and teens and even comes with the chair! Desk set only $176.

4. When homeschooling, the daily assignments and paperwork really start to add and take over! Keep everything well organized and labeled with this expanding file folder. This helped us so much! We were able to break them down into each lesson, math, literacy, etc. and keep on track and streamlined.

I hope this brings you some good tips to help with this new homeschooling journey and God bless our teachers!!

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