Quarantine Activities for kids

Are you feeling like you have to come up with a million ideas to keep your kids entertained through the day during quarantine? We may he stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun! These are the top 5 activities that get me through the day with our kids.We have an awesome blended family and our kids range from toddler to 20 year old, so we have lots of experience in entertaining kids!

  1. A great way to keep your family entertained and bonding are Games! Board games are not what they used to be! There is something for every kid in the family! Family game nights and games with the kids are a great way to keep the family connected too! Here are some of our favorites!
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Taboo is a great game for kids, teens and adults! We love the challenge of guessing our partners word without saying the taboo phrases! So many belly laughs and fun!

Pie face is always a hit with toddlers and kids of all ages! If you want a game to break any tension and pull out laughs and joy, then this is your game! Who doesn’t want to see whip cream flying in a kids or moms face!! Cheers, laughs, and great memories will be made!

2. Puzzles are another great way to kill time and bond with the kids. There are a variety of options and levels for everyone from simple ones for kids to advanced 1000 piece! We love these Melissa and Doug has great ones for children of various age groups. They have so many options to choose from! And Melissa and Doug products are such great quality to last from kid to kid!

3. Indoor activities that keep the kids off the TV, iPad and keep them moving! The health of our kids is important and keeping them engaged and enjoying exercise comes with some creativity that should include play. This indoor hovering soccer ball with nets is a perfect example! This product doesn’t damage walls and is exciting for young kids and older kids to play together! The LED lights and nets keep it even more exciting!

4. Sensory activities are the rage these days! They stimulate all the kids senses and help them learn about their environment through exploration. Wonderful anytime! Making sensory bins will lead to hours of fun. One option with bins are the use of water beads… create a treasure hunt, hide objects in beads, just add some water, imagination and options are endless!

The bins can be used for many sensory activities and play! Use noodles or colored rice, throw in some water for a doll or toy bath, limitless fun!

5. Crafts and more! Survival for us means having a bag of crafts handy to pull ouw options daily to keep their interest and peak their curiosity! Let’s get messy and have some fun!

Although these are uncharted waters, there’s no need to drown! These top 5 activities should get you through with some smiles, laughs, good health/fitness and lots of good memories! Don’t forget to take pictures and capture all the beautiful moments along this challenge.

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