Summer Ready

Summer is just around the corner and that means time outdoors, pools/beach, entertaining the kids and all the fun that comes with the beautiful sunshine! Let’s get to it with the essentials for summer fun in the sun!

  1. With summer comes those days of fun at the beach / pool! The perfect bathing suit that’s fashion forward and allows running after the kids 💙

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2. Keeping yourself and the family safe while enjoying those rays!

3. Summer comes with picnics, beach, movies in the park and events! The perfect washable, foldable, Easy to carry travel picnic blanket is a must!

4. Keeping the kids busy and moms sanity intact through the summer months means keeping them entertained!! Summer must haves for kids!

4. Last, but not least keep the summer body fit and ready to take on anything that comes your way momma! Looking good is feeling good!! Vitamins to let you shine in and out! And exercise and of course the perfect summer workout wear!

For Comfort and style! Can’t beat my favorite leggings with side pockets, which are ideal for moms! What a deal too!

Happy Summer Mamas!!! Hope you enjoyed the summer must haves!! Follow us on Daily Deals for moms Facebook group for Deals on all things Momlife!

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