Top 5 Summer Toys

Kids cant wait till summer comes, no school, outdoor activities and fun! So what are the best toys to keep them busy and entertained all summer long? We will be covering top rated true and tested, Mom approved toys to keep even the pickiest kid happy! Let’s get started!

1. Summer isn’t summer until the Water table comes out! My daughters can play with it for hours! They first outside and sometimes makes its way indoors because they just can’t get enough of it! InfantS, toddlers, big kids, they all love it! And it’s so versatile – can use with sand, water beads, put toys and balls!

We love the Step2 Duck Dive water Table. Comes with accessories too! Also great for balconies for the city moms.

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Mom Tip:
Put a small amount of dish liquid or bubble bath and give them a hose for hours if bubble fun!Also can be used indoors on a rainy day! With a few towels of course! You can also add a drop of food color to make some colorful bubbles or maybe a rainbow!

2. Sand toys are a favorite for the beach, lake or your outdoor sand pit. This Melissa and Doug Seahorse Sand ice cream set is by far a favorite sand toy! Comes with 2 scoopers, 2 ice cream cones and a sprinkler for ice cream! Can fill sprinkler with water or sand! So fun, make sand cones, we also love it with kinetic sand sets and play Foam! It’s a Best seller – Available on Amazon.

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3. Scooters are a must have to keep those kids active and enjoying a stroll to the park or neighborhood! This razor scooter is well built, reliable and loads of fun.This is a very well made product that’s built to last.

4. Trampolines bring kids so much joy and entertainment to the whole family! There are so many styles and varieties to suit any families needs! These are a couple that we love! Kids love being able to jump together and the safety bar makes it possible to do so and do it safely.

5. Bubble machines and toys are the best for toddlers and kids! We love the Gazzillion bubble machine, just pour the solution and watch the bubbles come to life! No mess and hassle! It also make loads and loads of bubbles, brings joy for the whole neighborhood! Perfect for parties and events too!

Hoping your kids make great memories with these toy options! Happy Summer!

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