Top Frothers and Recipes

Mom life means coffee, caffeine and Lattes!! Have you been craving your favorite rich, frothy lattes and specialty drinks, but unable to get them while in quarantine? Or are the bills adding up with our $5 a day habit of heading to our local coffee shop? We know are mamas love our lattes and are missing their heavenly frothy drinks at this time! Well no more, have them in 45 seconds with my favorite frothier! We will also cover some at home recipes to make some of these delicious velvety rich concoctions.

Anyone that comes over, knows they will be welcomed with these at my home, because Mamas LIVE for Coffee! Most of us couldn’t survive or feel half way alive to meet all our kids needs without our caffeine fix! So let me let you in on a little secret that can create coffee shop like lattes and specialty drinks right from your kitchen counter!

We make the frothiest drinks with milk, nut milks, soy or oat milk! I put my morning almond milk latte in picture below! See picture of froth levels, they are award winning I must say!! So let’s get you in on the secret, an electric at home frother! love the Secura Electric frother for under $40, this machine will save you hundreds over the years!

There are so many great ones on the market, but this machine is tops on my list and I’ve tried many!! It is not only compact, so doesn’t take up tons of counter space, but packs a punch. It’s able to froth both hot and cold settings. It makes smooth and velvety small bubbles similar to the coffee shop creations. It’s also easy clean up with rinse and a wipe.

Can be purchased on Amazon:

commissioned link

There are many options on the market for frothers and another worth mentioning is the Breville Milk Cafe Frother. This one has many features like cold and hot froth and a hot chocolate feature, where you can add chocolate to milk and heat for a perfect Hot chocolate drink. It uses induction heating so that heat is distributed evenly to create those perfect tiny bubbles you want! It also has a temperature setting, which most frothers don’t have, which you can set to warm to over 160 degrees. Also has a cap measuring cup for mixing in your hot coco mix or those chai/green tea lattes! Price is usually about $129, but it’s well worth it for all its features. It will also save you tons of money from the savings of buying them at the coffee house.

The one draw back and bonus is that you will be the mom everyone wants to come visit and have play dates with! So if your an introvert, maybe keep this top secret and if you’re looking to make friends, invite them over for a perfect latte and they will always come back!

Let’s share some recipes:

Hazelnut latte

  • add 1-3 pumps of hazelnut syrup
  • pour your coffee or Nespresso
  • Froth your milk and pour over top
  • add cinnamon to finish off

You can substitute for whatever flavor syrup you want to change flavor. It’s as simple as that!

Caramel Macchiato

  • add 2 tablespoons of caramel sauce
  • 1 cup steamed milk
  • Add milk foam
  • Slowly pour double espresso shot and drizzle top with caramel


Hope you found this article helpful in finding the best frother for you and your family! I hope you enjoyed the recipes too! Cheers to you!!

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